T.J. And Sarah
Tab Completion
Tai Fe La
Tall Blond Girl Band
Tall Friends
Tan Vampires
Tao Of Toast
Taoquinhoe Vinicius
Tape Loading Error
Tarquin goes Tapdancing
Teachers Room
Ted Mann
Teddy Roosevelt & The Rough Riders
teh keeshanz
Telepathics Of Lost Camp
Tem Noon
Terri Ellen
terrible horrible enormous things
terry rielly
testolio the band
Text Offenders
The 16 Points
The 6 Fort Waldegrave
The Advanced Apes
The Aeronautical Legends
The Albion Exchange
The Almighty Mudfinger
The Anchorage Drift
The Annenberg Fund
The Anonymous Songbook
The Answers
The Areyoumadatme?s
The Atlas Room
The Attempts
The Attic Bat
The Audio Curve
The Barn Storm
the bearded men stood up and left the room
The Beautiful Chaos
the Beef Patty Boyz
The Beurre Blancs
The Bilgerats
the BiPolar Bears
the black bob haircut
The Black Cats
The Black Hats
The Black Kapelle
The Blacker Eves
The Blossoms
the bob crisps experience
The Bottomlines
The Broken Legs
The Build
The Bystanders
The Calculus Affair
The Casual Occupation
The Cause
The Cause
The CCMixter Collective
The Chalk
The Challenges
The Cham-peons
The Chaos Council
The Charlie in the Box Project
The Chattering Order
The Checkers Speech
The Chemistry Experiment
The Chorus Barloff
The City Veins
The Coffee Dates
The Composers
The Connexions
The Copenhagen Interpretation
The Crown Fires
The CSMB Band
The Dad of Rock
the dailey bros
The Daily Special
The Dalix Coefficient
The Daniel Parkhill Project (Formerly Losing and the Lost)
The DANK!!!
The Dead Ponies
The Deed Martin Project
The Deep Woods Band
The Defenders Of The Galaxy
The Derdy Nerdz
The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea
The Diet of Worms
The Difference Engine
The Digbees
The Dirty Daylights
The Domestics
The Doobwahs
The Doomed Cowboy
The Duboiss
The Dummys
The Early Girls
The Elderly
The Electric Oak
The Electric Oak
the electric owls
The Elias/Mason Project
The Ether Family Presents...
The Evil Trees (AKA Bradley Davis)
The Farr Alvins
The Farthest Forests
The Februaries
the Fiends
The FireSide Chats
The Flying Buttresses of York
The Forever Machine
The Foundation
The Fringe
The Frinkers
The Funk of Forty Thousand Years
The Gay Bride of Frankenstein
the gc katt
The Glazed Bagel Projekt
The Go Go Rolo
The Goodworker
The Governess
The Gratis Theory
The Gray Davies
The Great Gatsby
the great invisibles
The Greatest of These
The Guest Stars
The Han Solos
The Hardline Monks
The Harmon Jay Sessions
The Hassle
The Hat
The Heads
The Hern Dizzle
The Histrionic
The Honorable Mentions
The Horse Rocking
The Horses Of Instruction
the Idlers : rotten gun club
the iii's
The Imaginary Friends
The Incumbent
The Indentations
The Indighost
The Infamous Cowards
The Inflatable Orchestra
The Inframen
The Intellect Collective
The Interposed
The Inverted Goates
The Irony Set
The Isemann Conjecture
The JawKnee Playas
The Jet-Black Project
The Journey Agent
The Jugband Cannibala
The Jukes Family
The Kieran McManus Experience
The King of Fisher Mills
The Labrador Wild
The Lake Situation
The Last Star Pilot
The Leading Zeros
The Licks
The Lift Tickets
The Liftlines
The Light of The Universe
The Like-a-looks
The Little Whore
The Logan/Lane Predicament
The Lolrus and The Cheezburger
The Mackeys
The Mad Liberation Front
The Magic Jelly Beans
The magnetic nonsense
The Malcontent War-Mongerers
the mango wranglers
the maples
The Max Project
The Microtonal Music of Prent Rodgers
The Mighty Men
The Milkshake Daddy
The Milos Szekeres Project
The Missed Connections
The Mist (Gary Nelson)
The Misundermised Banjo Projekt
The MM Project
the Modrats
The Mountain Weirdo Singers
The Mucous Membranes
The Muda
The Muddy Roots
The National
The Needs of The Many
The Nemesis
The Neuromantics
The New 35
The New Captains
The New Gallery Band of York
The New Hampshire Winters
The Noodlemen
The North Decade
The Northwest Man
the not BOBS
The Nothing
The Novelty Music Ensemble of Pittsburgh
The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co
The Palmaroys
The Pantomime Horses
The Pharmacy
The Plastic Billionaires
The Pole Project
The Pondtrotters
The Poo Poo Platters
The Poor Us Chorus
The Porcelain Horse Tim Cahill and Ryan Taylor
The Porter Sharks
The Potholez
The Pros
The Psychedelic Hipsters
The Puritans
The Qualitarians
the quiet
The Radio Waves hello
The Radio Waves Hello (AKA: ME)
The Rainbow Custard Broadcast
The Raygun Girls
The Rays
The Realside
the red velvet swing
The Retarded Potentials
The River Wards
The Road Cases
The Road to Lomond
The Robert Gatian Band
The Rutabaga Band
The Sad Tax
The Scapegoat
The Screaming Fantods
The Screeching Eagles
The Scroggs
The Secret People
The Shepherd Band
The Shiz
The Sidewalk Boys
The Silver Family Singers
The Sin Aesthetic
The Situation
The Slumlords Of Baltic Avenue
The Smilin' Bob Tribute Project
The Spies
The Spys
The Squirrels
The Starch Concept
The Stevedores
The Stimulus Package
The Stools
The Stutter Cuts
The Sub-Phonics
the substars
The Sun Came Up Upon the Left
The Support Group
the swim team
The Synecdoches
The Tamarisks
The Tambourine Club
The Tasteful Nudes
The Taxidermy Project
The Technicial Side Of Adapting
The Telescope Visit
The Terrace Mountain Boys
The Thoughts
The Thungs
The Tims: Theriault and McCoy
The Traffic Outside
The Triptones
The Tumbledryer Babies
The Twombley Spiders
The Unbreakable Leggs
The Undergraduates
The Undisconnected
The Val Papadins
The Vast Machines
The Vegtones
The Venial Swingers
The Very Best of Spaz Rock
The Very Us Artists
The Vostok Lake Auxilliary Choir
The Wasted Miracles
The Wind-Up Birds
The Wood Floors
The Yawns
The Zer(o)King
The ZX81s
Theda Phoenix
Thee Crumb
Thee Royal Livery
They Went On
Thinking Out Loud
This is my life
this is steve
This is the Year of the Lion
this night wounds time
This Son of Love & Death
Thom Coombes
Thom Keith
Thomas F
Thomas hutchins
Thomas Muer
Thomas Paine & The Founding Fathers
Thomas W Cox
Thor, Bass Maniac
Thoughts Have Wings
Thousand Yard Stair
Three Finger Greek
Three Piece Sweet
Thunder Bishop
Tiger Records
Tiger Tanios Jacobsohn-Farah
Tight Military Outfit
Tiime Killers
Tim Barnes
Tim Barnes
Tim Homan
tim mcfate
Tim Mudd
Tim Nelson
Tim Theriault
Time Paper Detective Group
Time Phobia
Tiny Desk Unit
Tiny Specks of Many Things
Tipu Sabzawaar [Taimur Sheikh]
To Love Sophia
Todd Cumpston
Todd Henley
Todd Larsen
Todd Larsen
Todo Bien
Tokyo Expressway
Tom Arnault
Tom Castellon
Tom Gewecke
Tom Harter
Tom Holbrook
Tom Martin on the Bass
Tom Napier
Tom Ross
Tom Spiker
Tom Swafford
Tom Woodbury
Tommy "Two-Mics"
Tommy Too Late
Tony Butterworth
Tony Mauro
Tony VST
Too Hot For Covers
Toppus Bottomus
Torben Asp
Torstein Wjiik
Tory Miller
Tova krentzman
Towers Of Silence
Tracey Browne
Trailer Thrash
Trailing Space
Travis Shawn Hill
Tristan Omand
Troubled Saints
Trumpet Marine
Tuesday(is a girl)
Tuna Taco and The Chemical Derivatives
Tungsten Shadow
TV Cartwright
Twenty Years Later
Twin Goat
Twin Trio
Two Days Alone
Two Idiots
Two of Seven minds
Tyler Brownfield
Tyler Sildve
Tyrannocyrus Rex